Alive After Five: Rubblebucket with RevoltRevolt


Alive After Five is taking a turn for the absurd this week with the eclectic Ver-brook-ston (that's short for Vermont, Brooklyn and Boston) band Rubblebucket.

The eight-member group boasts a rowdy, New Orleans infected horn section, a polyrhythmic-prone percussion duo, plus keyboards, bass and guitar. But don't think that this is your typical jam-band noodling wankster fare. These guys compose catchy pop songs, perform gripping lengths of tight improvisation and reference the likes of Talking Heads, Bjork, and James Brown.

According to the band's website, "At a typical Rubblebucket show, a willing participant can expect to dance hard, sweat, feel warm and maybe even happy ... they may even feel a communal sense of reverie with the band and the rest of the crowd. That is the dream that Rubblebucket members carry in their hearts."

Check out this video of the band doing their thing.

Local garage-rock trio RevoltRevolt will get things started with their unique, stripped-down take on old-school indie rock.

Here's a video of them performing last year.

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