Alive After Five: Lubriphonic with Audio Moonshine


By now you've got a good start to that summer tan, long days and nights spent drinking on sunny patios have re-familiarized you with the grueling summertime hangover, maybe you went on a brief road trip or Memorial Day vacation, barbecues abound ... whatever defines summer for you, nothing quite embodies the spirit of a downtown Boise sunny season like the Alive After Five concert series. 

If you haven't had a chance to make it down to the Grove Plaza yet, get off your caboose and head down, this week should be a doozy.

Straight from the smoke-filled R&B halls of Chicago comes Lubriphonic. Backed by a three-piece horn ensemble, throbbing rhythm section and the funky-ass stylings of lead guitarist Giles Corey, the band melds the best of blues, funk, jazz and rock into a show that Relix Magazine described as "Suberb, adventurous, diverse, simply mesmerizing.".

Members of the band have performed alongside Chicago luminaries like Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Koko Taylor and Bo Diddley. The band performs roughly 220 shows a year, banking their success on their live performances.

"We are a live band first and foremost. There's a palpable energy emitted by any large gathering of people. When you perform for an audience and give them positive energy, they take what you give them, amplify it and then throw it back to you. It's a fantastic feeling." wrote Corey on the band's website

Local act Audio Moonshine will warm the stage up with their light-hearted country/Americana sound. Pooling influences from Tom Petty to Ludacris, the four-piece band sounds like a cross between Blues Traveller and Hootie & The Blowfish. You can listen to their album Let's be... here.

Of course, food vendors will be hawking summertime confections, the beer will be flowing and the fountain will be gushing that cool, cool water.