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Alive After Five: Lounge on Fire


In honor of Boise State Day, local band Lounge on Fire will bring its Bronco-born "steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped, hip-dipped, cock-eyed, funk-trunked, flat-on-your-back, pants-off-dance-off" sound to the Alive After Five stage Wednesday, Aug. 24.

If that self-applied descriptor sounds like a mouthful, it's because Lounge on Fire specializes in spitfire lyrics delivered at rap/scat speed. Led by singer Nathan Norton, whose vocal timbre evokes Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse and no less than David Byrne of Talking Heads, Lounge on Fire's oeuvre is equally eclectic.

Tracks such as "Like a Cockaroach" feature a salsa beat punctuated by tight brass and sax work in a "freak funk" melange, while "Super Heavy Mom Vibes" is a quirky jam that saunters on as if mommy dearest cut her post-nap pinot gris with a valium or three.

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