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Alive After Five: Jonathan Warren & the Billy Goats

The Grove Plaza, Wednesday, June 19


Let it never be said that Jonathan Warren & the Billy Goats doesn't shoot with both barrels. In October 2018, it released its latest full-length album, Cletus—a sometimes somber cut that perfectly captured the changing of the seasons and the band's twangy, whiskey-drenched sound—it threw not one, but two release parties. BW reviewed the album thus: "Cletus has the penetrating lassitude of turning leaves, occupying the space between the last sunscreen application and the first shoveled driveway." It's the Idaho way, and few bands have captured the aesthetic of the Gem State quite like JW, who was born in Tennessee but has made Idaho his home and, in turn, won its creaky heart. Normally a denizen of Pengilly's Saloon, the band will brave the sunlight for Alive After Five on Wednesday, June 19.