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Alive After Five: Ivory Deville

Grove Plaza, Wednesday, June 13


Ivory Deville isn't into labels—or rather, it's into having so many that none stick. On its Bandcamp page, the Los Angeles-based group claims to be honky-tonk, rock and roll, surf, doo-wop and scuzz, and every one of those labels is blended and born out in the tracks of its latest album, Waistgunner (self-released, 2018). Songs like "Tube Top Blues" are heavy on honky-tonk rock, taking listeners from LA to Appalachia with loose, rousing vocals and a touch of nasal drawl from frontman Johnny Elkins, while "How Does it Feel" brings a doo-wop vibe with the layered voices of band members Laura Marion, Tia Simone and Jada Wagensomer backing Elkins on the choruses. But whichever way you slice it, the group is clearly having fun. Head down to Grove Plaza on Wednesday to test the Alive After Five organizers' claim Ivory Deville is "an authentic roadhouse band for our time."