Alive After Five: Hoots and Hellmouth with Sandusky Furs


Hoots and Hellmouth's music is often compared to gospel--not because it contains any Christian content but because seeing the band perform live is like attending a revival. The energy at H&H shows builds and builds until a pulsing, turbulent energy envelops the crowd. The Philadelphia-based band bills itself as "Americana" but that doesn't quite describe the virulent mix of folk, roots-rock and country twang sound.

H&H, who once described their sound to NPR, "as new music for old souls," was formed in 2005 by guitar pluckers Sean Hoots and Andrew "Hellmouth" Gray and the duo quickly rounded out their sound by incorporating stand-up bass, mandolin, drums and the occasional organ. In the last six years, the band has produced two albums: a self-titled album in 2007 and 2009's The Holy Open Secret (Mad Dragon Records).

According to, Hoots and Hellmouth has toured with the likes of Dr. Dog, O’Death, Heartless Bastards, Langhorne Slim and Grace Potter and thinks touring is so important because the band sees " ...every show as an opportunity to help strengthen a sense of local community among their audiences. More than just a product, this music is at once a celebration and a mourning--championing the human potential to feel deeply and come together as a unified whole." And they seem to have a foot-stomping good time doing just that.

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