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Alive After Five: Hillstomp

Wednesday, Aug. 5, Grove Plaza


A name like Hillstomp should give you some idea of what to expect. In this case, you're probably wrong because if you haven't heard the self-described "bucket 'n' slide brand rock 'n' roll" duo from Portland, Ore., your expectations will be blown away.

Seeing Hillstomp live is like having one of those mind-bender moments where your brain can't sort out sensory input. Henry Hill Kammerer and John Johnson look like a couple of regular guys. The minute the first chord strikes, though, it's like all the air is sucked out of the room and replaced with the intensity of a tent revival run by a punk preacher. Using an arsenal of guitar, banjo and bucket drums, Hillstomp transforms Americana/mountain music into high-speed, high-adrenalin songs that make you feel like your molecules are moving. This is an Alive After Five show you don't want to miss.