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Alive After Five: Hamish Anderson

The Grove Plaza, June 26


Hamish Anderson's latest album, Out of My Head (2019) exudes the rasp of the late Tom Petty and the guitar prowess of phenoms like B.B. King. That should come as no surprise, since Anderson was the last performer to open for King on tour before his death in 2015. The album pours on robust guitar riffs in songs like "No Good" and "World's Gone Mad," yet plucks the listener into calm suspension in other songs like "Happy Again" and "Damaged Goods." He'll take the Alive After Five stage on Wednesday, July 3, with the perfect pairing: Idaho-based Lee Penn Sky & The Oliphants. Sky may be a clone of Jeff Bridges because their voices are almost indistinguishable, but his voice is what determines the mood of any song he performs.