Alive After Five: Grupo Fantasma with Oso Negro


The third installment of Alive After Five comes with a tinge of South-of-the-Border flavor from Latin funk group Grupo Fantasma.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Grupo Fantasma’s sound is driven by horns, guitars, shakers and several other percussion instruments but the group certainly doesn’t hesitate at infusing some modern rock traditions into their repertoire.

The band started as two separate acts from the Austin area—the Blue Noise Band and the Blimp—but upon merging began garnering success quickly. The 10-piece has performed multiple times on Austin City Limits and since forming in 2000, the group has sold more than 20,000 records and even collaborated with legendary guitar player Prince.

Grupo Fantasma's latest album, El Existential, landed them in the winner’s circle at the Grammy’s this year for Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album. The band had received a previous nomination for 2008's album Sonidos Gold, but didn’t find their way into the spotlight until this year.