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Alive After Five: Greg Holden, with Phases

Wednesday, Aug. 26, The Grove


Scotland-born Greg Holden looks like a model and sounds like a sensitive soul. His songs, which follow a steady, mellow rhythm, center on family relationships, loss and longing, and finding hidden strength in yourself and others.

The phrase "power ballad" is loaded with hair-band connotations, but Holden has tapped into a similar energy with simple melodies building into soaring, full-throated choruses. Best known for his hit "Home," sung by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, and "The Lost Boy," which was featured on Sons of Anarchy, Holden has carved out a place for himself as a soulful, "purpose-driven" rocker.

Joining him for the final Alive After Five of the season, hosted by the Record Exchange, will be L.A.-based foursome Phases. Harkening to the pop-funk of the '80s, the band will give youngsters a taste of all the fun we had back in the 20th century.