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Alive After Five: Edmond Dantes, July 6


"Hanging Memories," released by local band Edmond Dantes in 2015, opens with ambient sounds that at first evoke ocean waves. As they build, the waves resolve into the rushing wheels of a train, speeding into a pulsing rhythm of synth and electric guitar. The lyrics, written and performed by Andrew Stensaas and Ryan Peck, break in with a dreamy declaration: "I'm going to my home town."

As an ambient tapestry, the Edmond Dantes' oeuvre—which includes the soundtrack to indie film Almosting It—is polished, poppy and inventive. Stensaas and Peck clearly know what they're doing, which explains why they are leaders of the Boise Rock School, which harnesses kids' musical passion and arms them with the skills to take their artform higher. Together, they're making sure the City of Trees is well supplied with future generations of rock stars.