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Alive After Five: Dead Horses

The Grove Plaza, Aug. 7


Nothing is more comforting than a lullaby. Sarah Vos, singer and guitarist of Dead Horses, has a voice that will convince any listener to accept calm and ripple to and fro. Even on the band's more upbeat and driven songs, the messages contained within the lyrics are laden with empathy. With three albums released since 2014, a straight listen through all is more fruitful than a session with a therapist. Vos and bandmate Daniel Wolff create an atmosphere of healing with songs like "Sad Story", "Mighty Storm" and "Swinger in the Trees," and the band's delicate lyricism draws from Vos' strong roots in religion during her childhood as well as the mountain of trauma that occurred in her formative years. The band's most recent album, My Mother the Moon (2018), is a journey into Vos' life as well as the quiet lives of other Americans she has encountered.

With The Pan Handles. 5 p.m. FREE. Grove Plaza, downtown Boise,