Alive After Five: Brothers Comatose with Sarah Sample


Tonight's Alive After Five features foot-stomping, folk renegades, the Brothers Comatose.

Ben and Alex Morrison met Joe Pacini and Gio Benedetti in high school. At the time, they were just a few pals playing rowdy jams in their friends’ apartments and basements. But after a move to the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco, the band vibe seemed to click.

Even after the move, however, the brothers were still in need of someone to round out their sound. Grad student Philip Brezina answered an ad posted on a wall in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music mess hall. Although a classically trained violinist, Brezina was able to jive with the crew as an accompanying fiddle player thus solidifying his and the Brothers’ stance in the San Francisco music scene.

The Brothers Comatose are currently on tour in support of their debut full-length, Songs from the Stoop¸an aptly named release that assures fans that Morrison and company won’t be ones to forget where they came from. Drunken sing alongs, hootin' and hollerin’ shall follow closely along on this band’s path from their stoop to the Grove stage.

Local chanteuse Sarah Sample opens the show.