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Alive After Five (at 4 p.m.): Amuma Says No

July 29, Grove Plaza, 4 p.m.


This week, Alive After Five is technically Alive After Four (the show starts at 4 p.m.) and Jaialdi is turning Boise Basque, something local band Amuma Says No has been doing with audiences since 2006.

Amuma Says No—Basque for "Grandma says no"—blends traditional Basque music with contemporary pop, rock and jazz. Four of Amuma's six members are Amerikanauk (American Basque), and songs are built around the accordion and tambourine and sung in Euskara (Basque language). The band describes its sound as "energetic, exciting, contemporary and unique, like the Basques," proving that completely on its new release, Gatz and Berakatz (2015).

The band has performed not only in Boise but at the Kennedy Center and in the Basque Country as well. Say "yes" to Amuma Says No, but be careful: You might catch a serious case of dancing feet.

Watch Amuma Says No perform at Jaialdi 2010: