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Alive After Five: Afrosonics

Grove Plaza, Wednesday, July 11


Afro-indie phenomenon Afrosonics has been a Boise go-to for upbeat summer tunes since its formation in 2013. With eight members, the group can come across as more of a collective than a band, offering up a signature blend of beats created by multinational instruments, from keyboards, vocals and guitars to Middle Eastern "daf" drums and flutes homemade from PVC pipe. The octet's debut album, People Meet Your People (636671 Records DK, 2016), gyrates between funky, brass-heavy electronic tracks and mellow, hoarse chants accompanied by meandering guitar. Though the band's lyrics are often a mix of English and African dialects, the power of each song comes through on the beats alone. Stop by Afrosonics' Alive After Five show to add some African flair to your summer soundtrack.