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Alice's Mad World


The Mad Hatter has escaped the confines of Lewis Carroll's prose, apparently not content with the mad, mad world of Wonderland. Instead, he's throwing an entirely different kind of tea party in Boise.

Off Center Dance is hosting the Hatter's infamous tea party onstage at El Korah Shrine Center in the form of an original dance production complete with steampunk-inspired costumes and audience participation.

Off Center dancer and choreographer Katie Ponozzo and Artistic Director Kelli Brown created the Alice in Wonderland production, with guest choreographer Julianna Thomas in an effort to offer a new interpretation of the classic story.

In true Wonderland style, the work is a collection of dance styles, including modern, tap, flamenco, hip-hop and ballet. It's mad, we tell you, mad.

A night with the Mad Hatter would not be complete without dressing the part, so audience members are encouraged to dress up for their night in Wonderland.

Of course, this Wonderland requires a ticket, which, rather than being down a rabbit hole, can be found online.