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Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves: Shadows

Thursday, July 7


We swear on all things holy we are not making this up. A premier Sun Valley-area gallery will host a collection of photographs featuring the shadow of Keanu Reeves. You read that correctly: Pictures of Keanu Reeves' shadow. The 25 images in Shadows caused a semi-sensation when they were unveiled in Los Angeles in February.

"No one can move the way [Keanu] can," artist Alexandra Grant told the Los Angeles Times. "I knew that if I moved the camera as we danced together, we could create these wonderful optical illusions."

Grant said after photographing Reeves, she then manipulated the photos to invert black for white, making the shadow itself the source of light. As an added bonus, each of the images is accompanied by a poetic text, written by Reeves. Mind blown.