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Oh, Snapshot

Are you an amateur photog looking for some exposure? The Alexa Rose Gallery—a cooperative art gallery space located next to Superb Sushi in the Idaho Building—is turning its focus to the art of photography.

Gallery curators recently put out a call to artists asking for submissions of up to 10 photos per person for inclusion in an art show opening Thursday, May 6. Everyone from Polaroid-wielding amateurs to professional shooters can submit their creations to be a part of the exhibit. The gallery is aiming for 1,000 photos on any topic imaginable, including "pets, children, people, places, things, scenes, landscapes, art, food, your choice." After obtaining the submissions, exhibit curators will then creatively display all of the photos in flashy patterns, including mosaics, themed rooms or spelled-out words.

But it doesn't f-stop there. Each of the submissions will be priced from $1-$25 a pop, with 30 percent of the sale going toward the gallery maintenance fund and the rest going to the photographer. The Alexa Rose Gallery is encouraging photographers to donate their 70 percent to a charity of their choosing.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 22, at 5 p.m. and organizers ask that all photos be placed in an envelope and slipped through the mail slot on the Alexa Rose Gallery door at 280 N. Eighth St., Ste. 118. If your photos can't fit through the mail slot, you can call 208-761-9678 to arrange a special delivery.

In other ambitious artistic collaboration news, Alley Repertory Theater is kicking off its third season with Between 6 and 8, an event that brings together six to eight artists of various disciplines and gives them six to eight days to create a six-to-eight minute performance, which they then present to a live audience. On Saturday, April 17, Phil Atlakson, American Films (Kelly Broich, Brett Netson and Brad Kaup), Nick Garcia, Elijah Jensen, Elizabeth McSurdy, Grant Olsen, Karena Youtz and Hollis Welsh will flood the Visual Arts Collective stage with their interpretations of the theme Us and Them. To shake things up numerically, tickets are $7 and doors open at 7 p.m.