Airing it Out

Online-only Boise Community Radio closer to real air


Boise Community Radio is almost a real radio station.

The online-only station was granted a permit to broadcast by the Federal Communications Commission last week, but its broadcast area is in Caldwell and the station might only be heard within a 25-mile radius.

Still, Boise Community Radio officials aren't letting that detail get them down.

"Things are really exciting right now," said Jeff Abrams, the executive director of Boise Community Radio. "This is the news that we've been waiting for. Now we know that this is going to go forward."

The group plans to keep its studios in the Alaska Building in downtown Boise, from where it has been broadcasting online.

To address the signal issue, Abrams said the nonprofit radio operation intends to combine an antenna with a translator to provide coverage of the new broadcast service on two different channels in Boise and its surrounding communities.

The FCC granted them use of 89.9 FM; Abrams said the group has also acquired lease rights to a translator signal in Boise to rebroadcast the station on 93.5 FM. Doing that, he said in a news release, would allow the station to broadcast in Boise.

Abrams said the translator, combined with their tower site in the Owyhee Mountains, should net them good coverage in the Boise area they call home.

The next step? Raising lots and lots of money to make it all happen. The group has a full radio operation to fund, not to mention staff costs.

"We have great resources in this community," he said. "It's been apparent over the six years that we've been working on this, that people want to make this happen."