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Ahead of Twilight Criterium, Boise Children Receive Bike Helmets at Downtown YMCA


Ten-year-old Hannah decorated her new bike helmet with a dozen stickers and foam decals, like an American flag, stars and a crater-scarred moon. She said she would take it home and put it someplace safe.

"I want this helmet to be special forever," she said. "I don't want it to get ruined, because this is a special day."

Hannah was one of more than 75 children who gathered in the second-floor gymnasium at the downtown Treasure Valley YMCA on July 12 to receive and decorate new bike helmets, learn stretches from UnitedHealthcare pro cyclists Serghei Tvetcov and Lachlan Norris, and meet members of the Boise Police Department bike patrol.

The event took place just days ahead of the kickoff of the Twilight Criterium, downtown Boise's premier road race, which includes events on Friday and Saturday, July 13 and 14.