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Ahead of Boise Visit, X Ambassadors Talks Aspirational New Album

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Monumental life changes happen to bands just like they happen to people. Just ask X Ambassadors keyboardist Casey Harris, who has seen his band shrink, grow and mature. Those big changes had a heavy influence on the band's 2019 album, Orion.

“This album really represents where we are now and where we are going in the future,” he said, adding that songs like “Hey Child” resemble “a breakup album.”

Since the release of VHS in 2015, X Ambassadors, which will play at Boise's Knitting Factory on Saturday, Nov. 16, has gone through an emotional rollercoaster. Its members parted ways with a bandmate and longtime friend over substance abuse issues, and lead singer (and Casey's brother) Sam Harris got married. Casey welcomed a baby boy into the world.

Just like the new arrangement of the band, the new album is aspirational, and Casey said he'd even named his son "Orion" after the constellation.

“That’s basically because I’m a space nerd,” said Harris. Little things like that, he said, contribute to “our forward-looking future and perspective.”

The band tours heavily to stay in front of fans, not relying on album sales to keep up its popularity, and the band has a bevy of quirks and rituals that make life on the road more comfortable—including a prayer they say before every set.

“We say the shehecheyanu. It’s a Jewish prayer of starting new things,” said Casey.