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Ages and Ages

Monday, Nov. 3, Neurolux


In 2009, former Boisean Levi Cecil spoke to Boise Weeklyabout the then-innovative way he was funding a new CD: he asked friends, family and fans to help him finance the project.

"It was really only partly about the money. I really wanted to engage people," Cecil told BW.

Cecil's proto-crowdfunding campaign showed he had moxie, and the result, Everything is Fine, confirmed he had talent, both of which have surely served him well as a member of Portland, Ore., rock collective Ages and Ages. With founder Tim Perry at the helm, the seven-member band makes bright, layered, choral-esque music wrapped around meaningful lyrics. Ages and Ages sophomore release, Divisionary (Partisan Records, March 2014), was made during a time of lows (deaths) and highs (marriage, birth) for band members, situations Perry is quoted as calling "some dark-ass shit" ( Ages and Ages was able to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, however, and the evidence is Divisionary—NPR called the title track"an anthem for everyone."