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Agents Weippe the Forest Floor with Vandal


Idaho's premiere domestic terrorist is a forest-dwelling 34-year old hell-bent on wreaking havoc on a 400-person town. But just like most of us alleged non-terrorists, he just can't get the job done without his morning cup of joe.

According to a report in the Clearwater Tribune, David Pruss was apprehended on August 30 in a tiny self-built hut, located in the woods northeast of remote Weippe, following a raid by 17 armed law enforcement agents and two teams of dogs. Since June, the Clearwater County Sheriff's Department had been investigating numerous incidences of malicious destruction of property and burglaries in the Weippe area, resulting in damage to local homes, businesses, power transformers, phone pedestals, logging equipment and a hydropower plant. All told, Pruss is thought to have caused over $100,000 of damage and deprived Weippe residents of telephone and power services on several occasions.

After recently issuing a warrant for Pruss's arrest, everyone from county deputies to U.S. Forest Service personnel, Idaho Fish and Game agents and Clearwater County Search and Rescue teams spent untold hours scouring every marginally habitable corner of the area for the reclusive vandal. Turns out they just needed to crack open the Folgers.

Pruss was reportedly fond of using a specific Weippe residence as his personal grocery store, leading authorities to conclude he was residing in the woods north town. Anticipating another visit, deputies hid a homing beacon inside a coffee container, which within one week was stolen from the home. In no time, agents had located Pruss's hovel, nothing more than a pile of strapped-together sticks covered in pine boughs. He was apprehended without incident--and appears in his mugshot to be quite glad about it.

It's easy to laugh at the way Pruss was apprehended, but don't mistake him for some harmless, run-of-the-mill coffee thief. When apprehended, he was in possession of both a MAC-90 assault rifle and a 357-magnum revolver. He also reportedly has connections to neo-Nazi organizations, and had told others that his intent behind the vandalism was not simply to get buzzed; it was, in fact, to lure Clearwater County Sheriff's deputies into the forest for the purpose of killing them. The sheriff's department has also announced that Pruss probably had more huts in the area around Weippe, possibly stocked with goods and gear. Anyone who happens upon one of them is advised to abandon all Goldilocks-esque impulses and contact the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office.