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Feb. 10, Visual Arts Collective


If, when listening to Aelter, your thoughts turn to the intro song from True Detective Season 1 or the works of the late, great H.R. Giger, that's (maybe) by design. Aelter, a side project of Boise doom metal duo Wolvserpent, wears its cinematic sensibility on its sleeve. In the band's own words, its latest LP, Aelter IV: Love Eternal (Peasanta Urfolk, April 2015), carries on its tradition of exploring "a cinematically dreary dreamscape of doom-inspired darkness."

Alternately referred to as "gothic Western folk music" and "hypnotic darkwave pop," Aelter IV is indeed a journey through uncharted territory, leading off with an introductory track followed by "Death Eternal," "Love Eternal," "Life Eternal" and "Hope Eternal." In a departure from Wolvserpent's driving oeuvre, Aelter IV is deeply melodic, deeply romantic and deeply dark. Catch Aelter in its first ever live performance on Wednesday, Feb. 10, at Visual Arts Collective.