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Adults Pick Up Photo Tips at Discovery Center

Thursday, Jan. 24


Every photo—from images of Iwo Jima to Honey Boo Boo—links back to the discovery that images could be captured using light, special paper and a few chemicals.

More than 100 years after that discovery, photography is everywhere, and taking a photo is as easy as snapping a sepia-tone Instagram pic. To celebrate the now-ubiquitous technology, the folks at Discovery Center of Idaho named photography as the theme of their next Adult Night, an evening when grown-ups get the run of the place.

Things get started at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 24, and include numerous events and exhibits designed to give visitors hands-on experience with different aspects of photography. Novices and experts alike can explore stations set up around DCI.

Visitors are invited to learn how modern digital cameras, a far cry from early camera obscura, turn light into photos without film. Check out the kind of equipment the pros use and get helpful tips and tricks on how to compose a better photograph.

Visitors can learn to develop their own film with professionals as part of a darkroom demonstration and try their hands at polishing pictures at a photo editing station.

Hop into the on-site photo booth with a friend and use some of the included props for a goofy posed picture. Who knows—it might even be worthy of your new Facebook profile pic.