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Anonymously Single discusses the difficulties of meeting someone organically in the City of Trees


It was hard to get back on my feet after Paul, but I was still naive enough to believe I'd meet someone organically. Dating apps hadn't really materialized and the eHarmony guy was creepy. So how do you meet guys in Boise, you ask? Well clearly, I don't know or I wouldn't be drinking some Malbec and typing this column.

According to my friends, I needed to find a hobby. Hobbies in Idaho consist of fishing, hiking, Boise State games and beer league sports. I'm sure you can guess what one I league sports. Yes, I joined a kickball league. It will be fun, they said. It's a great way to meet people, they said. Really the only positive was the neon shirt that made me look tan.

My friend signed me up for the league and we rolled up to our first game. I was feeling good in my neon shirt, black shorts and sporty ponytail. I mean, I wasn't going to be the MVP, but I looked the part. Fifteen minutes in, I realized I should have opted for the fishing pole, hiking boots or orange-and-blue gear. Kickball had never been my sport of choice, but apparently, I'd blocked out those years playing at recess. I wasn't any better in my 20s than I was at age 7.

I slowly improved. I eventually made contact with the ball, but never managed to make it to first base. It was like all those grade school jerks were now adults and saw me as fresh meat. "Scoot in!" There was no way any self-respecting guy was going to want to date me. My ponytail may have been on point, but that was about it. My kickball career ended after that. I got to keep the shirt and the memories, but I was back to the drawing board.

Have you had luck meeting guys playing sports? Or do you prefer to sit on the sidelines with a cocktail? Cheers to the athletes and the fans that support them!


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