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Adelitas Way Coming Ours

With Lacey Sturm


The rising popularity of alt-metal in the early 2000s spurred a renewed interest in seeing those big-sound bands perform in stadium-like settings. What can sustain some of these bands is their ability to translate a huge show to a smaller stage. Las Vegas-based Adelitas Way hit the scene running about 10 years ago, producing songs that rocked but also connected with listeners on an emotional level, like "Invincible," in which Adelitas Way frontman Rick DeJesus sings, "I'm invincible tonight / Believe me / You've never met a mother fucker like me." Though somewhat aggressive, set to the song's well-crafted melody and rock-your-face-off delivery, the lyrics become empowering rather than simply challenging. Adelitas Way can blow the roof off an arena but it can also deliver a smaller show, while losing nothing in the process. The band's upcoming show, presented by 100.3 the X, is an opportunity to see these masters at work.

(The show is free but tickets are required and the only way to get them is by listening to The X.)