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Adams Joins Senate Race


The race for Sen. Larry Craig's seat is starting to get crowded.

Not only are Democrat Larry LaRocco and Republican Lt. Gov. Jim Risch bidding for the seat, along with Eastern Idaho elk rancher and Republican Rex Rammell, but Idaho Falls attorney Fred Adams has joined the fight.

Adams announced his candidacy on Jan. 14, stating that "it is vital that the Idaho Senate seat remains in Republican hands."

Adams, 52, said the Craig scandal has hurt the state, and opened up the dreaded possibility of the Democrats maintaining control of Senate after the next election cycle.

While he considers himself a solidly conservative Republican, he said he was disappointed by the Idaho Republican Party's move to formally endorse Risch before the primary elections.

"It was as if they, not the voters, had already decided who was going to be our replacement senator," Adams said in a prepared statement. "Our job as voters, it seemed, would simply be to rubber-stamp Risch's selection."

Adams also took shots at his other competitors, stating that Rammell is running simply to "antagonize Risch."

"Rammell sees himself as a superhero fighting against his archenemy Risch—the man who ordered the killing of Rammell's elk," Adams said. "I have been sitting by watching this unfold and shaking my head in disbelief."

As far as Risch goes, Adam thinks he's too old, stating that Risch would be in his 70s by the end of his first term.