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Adams County Identifies Deputies Involved in Shooting


The Adams County Sheriff's Office has gone public with some information most residents of Adams County already know: the identities of the two deputies involved in a controversial Nov. 1 shooting that left Council resident Jack Yantis dead.

An Idaho State Police investigation is continuing but Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman released a statement Nov. 30 identifying Deputies Cody Roland and Brian Wood as the lawmen involved in the shooting.

The fatal incident stemmed from a collision between a vehicle and a bull owned by the 62-year-old Yantis. Authorities said Yantis arrived on the scene of the collision armed with a rifle just as the deputies were attempting to put down the bull. Moments later, Yantis was dead. Few details have been released since.

“Out of concern for the safety of the two deputies involved in this incident and the desire for a fair and impartial investigation to be conducted, I have been hesitant to release the names,” Zollman wrote in his statement Monday.“I sincerely hope that our deputies and their families will be safe and that the citizens here in Adams County and others throughout the country will reserve judgment from this incident until the investigation is finished."

According to Zollman, Roland  joined the Adams County Sheriff's Office in July of this year and Wood has been with the force since 2013.