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Adam Lambert at the Morrison Center


Recently, I posted a blog about Adam Lambert, the beloved American Idol not-winner. I suggested that some of his success may be due to "notoriety" (the AMA incident) and I referred to his fans as Lambertians. They are Glamberts, thank you very much, and they felt I maligned their icon. Glamberts do not stand for maligning. Their comments--on my lack of qualifications, my supposed residence under a rock--flooded in. But it's not just me. Any time Lambert's name is mentioned, the faithful are there to comment. They have left thousands of comments across the 'Net.

So I surmise that the popular popster will bring the Glamberts out en masse when he performs here on his Glam Nation tour, which will include songs from his 2009 release, For Your Entertainment (it hit No. 3 on the Billboard Top 100). And whether it's because of Lambert or the Glamberts--or both--it promises to be a sparkly, eye-linery, glittery, pleathery, dancey spectacle.