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Ada County Preparing for 'Potential Epidemic' of West Nile After Prolonged Flooding of Boise River


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Ada County officials say they're preparing for what could be a "potential epidemic level of West Nile Virus" in the coming months. As a result, emergency mosquito abatement measures have been added to a flood disaster declaration handed down by Ada County Commissioners in late March.

"The prolonged flooding has created an unprecedented existence of mosquitoes," read a prepared statement from Ada County Tuesday. "Even though the [Boise] river flows are not low enough to evaluate where the problem areas will be, Ada County is being proactive in this insect fight."

The emergency declaration triggers access to emergency funding for aerial spraying across the county. Officials say they're currently researching something called "aerial larvicing," which they say has never been done before in Ada County, but has the ability to "treat the [mosquito] larvae before they turn into adults."

You can read the full disaster declaration below:

See related PDF 06-13-17_Res_2239_Mosquito_Abatement_Disaster_Declaration_Addition.pdf


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