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Ada County Planning and Zoning Approves Private Airstrip in Boise Foothills

Members of the public now have 15 days to file any appeal.


Following a public hearing that went into the early morning hours of Friday, May 6, the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission decided to approve a controversial airstrip, planned for the Boise Foothills near Table Rock.

The airstrip got plenty of pushback from the Boise City Council, which urged Ada County officials to deny the application after hearing some choice words from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Boise Department of Parks and Recreation and the Boise Fire Department. The Council called the proposal dangerous, disruptive and even audacious. But at the public hearing before Ada County P & Z, the majority of those who spoke supported the proposal to build a hangar and landing strip off of E. Table Rock Road.

Ultimately, the commission voted 4-1 to approve the application from Dean Hilde, who already owns land on the same road. In April, Boise Weekly reported Hilde had already been landing his Piper "Supercub" in the Foothills, and it was only when he told Ada County officials that they reminded him he needed approval for an airstrip. That triggered a fair amount of opposition from organizations such as the Idaho Conservation League. Additionally, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said it had "primary concerns of disturbance" to winter elk and deer, adding "the presence of wildlife on the airstrip would make it unusable."

Nonetheless, the conditional use permit has been approved by county officials. Members op the public now have 15 days to file any appeal.