Ada County Commissioners Adopt Anti-Discrimination Hiring Policy

The amended hiring policy will provide additional protections for gender identity and sexual orientation


Months ago, Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo posted to her Facebook page that she planned to draft a policy that would prevent discriminatory hiring practices. Lachiondo said the county would add additional protections for LGBTQ-identifying candidates.

The morning of Aug. 20, the county unanimously approved that update to the county’s hiring policy.

“[I] really appreciate the work that you’ve done," she said to Ada County's human resources department. "I really think this is a small thing on the whole, but an important thing."

The county’s hiring policy now includes protections for sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability or status as a veteran.

There was no testimony before the vote aside from Lachiondo’s brief comment. Commissioner Rick Visser moved to approve the amended language, and Lachiondo seconded. Commission President Kendra Kenyon was not present at the meeting.

“This has been a long time coming and I was pleased to vote in favor of this non-discrimination language,” Visser wrote in a news release. “Every resident of Ada County deserves to have civil servants working on their behalf who can perform their duties in a non-threatening environment. This policy allows us to better serve the taxpayers who support the services we provide.