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Ada Community Library Hosts Horror Writing Workshop

Saturday, Jan. 19


What could be more horrible than turning into a purple cow? It'd be like a mad scientist movie in which the hero is drugged and manipulated through gene therapy into an anomalachromial bovine, mooing in desperate, helpless protest.

It's a horror movie you could write with guidance from author Michaelbrent Collings, who is presenting From Poe to Present: Writing Horror for Page, Cinema and Screen at the Ada Community Library, Victory branch, on Saturday, Jan. 19.

The lecture will focus on getting your screenplay/novel/ebook noticed, how to focus ideas and how to get them on the page. This event is part of library's Purple Cow series, designed to help the people of Ada County stand out as artists and business professionals.

Collings has published several bestselling works of horror and suspense, including "The Haunted," "RUN," and most recently, "Hooked: a True Fairie Tale." He is also recognized for the most screenplays advanced to the quarter and semifinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition in a single year by anyone in the history of the competition.

For now, settle into your inner darkness, jot down a few frightening ideas, and head to the library to find out how to give them freakish, menacing wings.