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Ada Community Library Dial a Story


Last week, while I absentmindedly listened to the Ada Community Library's recorded phone spiel: "For the circulations department, press three; for the children's youth services department, press four; for the administration department, press five; for the reference/adult services department, press six; to hear a short story, press seven," my interest was suddenly piqued. Sandwiched in the phone universe between the bureaucratic-sounding reference/adult services department and the library staff phone directory, the Ada Community Library offers callers the whimsical option to have a short story read to them. I punched seven, and waited patiently, trying to guess what awkward, whiskey-soaked Raymond Carver or T.C. Boyle short story might soon come pouring through the receiver.

Instead, a voice announced she'd be reading from the kids' book "Cha Cha Chimps" by Julia Durango. With a careful, sing-song cadence, she read, "Deep in the forest in the dim moonlight, 10 little chimps sneak out for the night. Wearing shiny shoes and their boogie-woogie pants they go to Mambo Jambo's where they dance, dance, dance." The story painted the picture of a jungle nightclub filled with belly-dancing cobras, hokey pokey-ing hippos, Macarena-ing meerkats, tangoing giraffes and a lion that "struts around like a royal king of cool, but five minutes later he's a jitterbugging fool."

Updated every week, Dial a Story also offers prizes to kids who recite the week's password at the library's Youth Services Desk. Want to hear a story? Slip into a pair of boogie-woogie pants and dial 208-362-0181.