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ACHD Signs Up for CodeRED App to Deliver Ada County Emergency Alerts


- This screenshot of the app features a "community alert" for the intersection of Fairview and Cole roads. -  - HARRISON BERRY/ONSOLVE
  • Harrison Berry/OnSolve
  • This screenshot of the app features a "community alert" for the intersection of Fairview and Cole roads.
The Ada County Highway District has announced it has inked a deal to provide smartphone users with important emergency, traffic and construction alerts though an app, CodeRED.

"Ada County had [CodeRED] before spring flooding, but a lot of people became aware of [the app] during the spring flooding, when they were trying to get more users signed up for it. ... They have a non-emergency track where they sent out community messages as opposed to emergency alerts, and that's what we intend to use it for," said ACHD spokesperson Craig Quintana.

CodeRED, which is free to download on Android or iPhone, offers ACHD a broad suite of options for communicating with the public. App users can use it to receive push notifications about emergencies like critical road conditions and hazards. They can also use it to scan a map of Boise and the surrounding area for "community alerts"—points of interest that may include major construction.

One such community alert has already been released regarding improvements to the interview of Cole and Fairview roads, which will reopen the week of Monday, Sept. 25.

"Fairview and Cole, that's an intersection that's been out of full service for many months now, and we think that's news people would like to know. It's not going to be, 'This lane's going to be offline for six hours during the day.' If we're sending something out, it's probably something they want to look at," Quintana said.

Quintana said CodeRED was chosen for its reliability and cost. According to Quintana, ACHD will pay OnSolve, the developer of CodeRED, $42,000 per year to use the service.

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