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Absolut Tune


750 ml bottle $24.95

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Absolut Tune

In a fit of post-holiday spirit, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Boise Weekly newsroom popped a bottle of Absolut Tune--a new alcoholic confection combining Absolut vodka with sparkling sauvignon blanc.

Let's be clear: Absolut Tune is not champagne. It is also not vodka, but combines properties of both. That is, it hits you straight in the head with a 28-proof kick that is not to be trifled with.

Halfway through the first glass, we were doing Ron Burgundy impressions. By the time we finished, it was Eugene Hutz (of Gogol Bordello), Michael Cain, and Boris and Natasha. We knew we had to stop when Bullwinkle made an appearance.

According to our tasting notes, while Absolut Tune is lovely and floral on the nose, the high alcohol content causes it to fizzle on the finish. "Fuzzy boozy" is scrawled in my notepad (with the word "boozy" initially misspelled, if that tells you anything). In the margins I find the phrase, "This gets better the more you drink it," along with suggestions to add a mint sprig, orange juice or blueberries.

Where BW was most impressed with Absolut Tune was with its packaging--the trademark Absolut shape has been wine bottle-ized with a wide-bottomed design, and wrapped in an elegant filigree of gold flower shapes on a black background. Some observations from the notes: "It looks like it came off a ship," and, "This is something a rapper would drink."

Turns out we weren't too far off--Icona Pop has partnered with Absolut Tune to market the "collision of Sparkle and Spirit" on the music video "All Night," the title track for the Swedish synthpop duo's 2013 release.

In the video for the single, we see invincible revelers wielding bottle after bottle of Absolut Tune, backed by lyrics including, "We can smash the clock," "we don't need no sleep" and "it feels like we could do this all night." That's probably true: Take this booze to your New Year's party, and we're pretty confident you'll end up smashing something... and probably won't get much sleep.