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Abrupt Edge Tonight

Nov. 24, Knitting Factory


And we thought they fell off of one. It's been a while since we heard from local melodic rockers Abrupt Edge. After playing the Big Nasty Hill Climb this summer, the group took a step back, rearranged their lineup--they are now a power trio again--and are ready to hit the scene once more.

Vocalist/guitarist Cliff Miller and his brother Tivon (on bass) are back together, and Cliff said he likes being a three-piece, but it definitely adds some challenges.

"I like it and hate it," he said, laughing. "It's really tough to play some of the stuff I've written live." Miller added that when they go back into the studio, he may invite some guest musicians in, and will definitely have to find inventive ways to get some of the layers recorded.

"I'll have to double-track some of the guitar for sure," he said.