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UPDATE: New Details Emerge on How to Attend Aaron Paul's Boise Screening of 'El Camino'


Idaho native Aaron Paul, best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman on the show Breaking Bad, plans to host a screening of the spin-off movie El Camino at Boise's Egyptian Theatre.

Paul announced on his Twitter account that the screening will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Tickets will be hidden around downtown the day of the showing, and more will be available via radio giveaways.

Paul is an Emmett native who frequently returns to the Gem State from his home in Los Angeles. He was a guest at the 2019 Sun Valley Film Festival with actress Meg Ryan.

Paul initially tweeted on Sept. 25, "Dear Idaho, Doing a special screening of El Camino before it opens at the Egyptian theater. Would love all of my fellow neighbors in Idaho to have the chance to watch this next chapter with me. Yeah Bitch!"

The movie appears to pick up where Breaking Bad left off, with Jesse Pinkman escaping the clutches of drug lords and making a break for it after the death of his compatriot, drug lord, meth cook and science teacher Walter White. So far, one official trailer has been released.

The film will premiere on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 11.