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AAN, Saturday, April 25, WoodRiver Cellars, Eagle


Among the atmospheric, moody pop music created by Portland, Ore.-band AAN lurks one song that vocalist/songwriter Bud Wilson laughingly admitted he loves and hates. "Like I Love You" is a slow guitar song with forlorn lyrics that sound like little moth wings batting against Wilson's clenched teeth until they are eventually released, however reluctantly. One day at a family party, his mother asked him to get his guitar and play for everyone. She asked his sister to join him and his sister suggested they perform "Like I Love You." He not only had to sing the sad "You can't give me what I want dear / 'cause you don't love me like I love you" at a family function, he had to sing it as a duet with his sister.

With new drummer Mica Rapstine—who also plays piano and trumpet—joining Wilson and Reese Lawhon, the trio leaves Portland for a couple of Boise shows next week. (One is a house show, and rumor has it that Starf***er and Guidance Counselor play that same venue in May.) They have plans for a more extensive tour at the end of the summer and Wilson is excited about the addition of Rapstine. He said he's happy to be "relegated to guitar while Rapstine and Lawhon trade off on bass, drums." AAN has just finished recording a four-song EP and you can hear a rough mix of "For Mabel" from the new album at

Saturday, April 25, 2:30 p.m., FREE, Woodriver Cellars Winery, 3705 N. Idaho 16, Eagle, 208-286-9463.