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AAA Tools Women Can Use to Impress their Auto Technician


• Become familiar with your automobile's maintenance schedule. This information is provided in the owner's manual of your vehicle.

• Don't wait for your car to break down to identify a repair shop. Be proactive and research where you want to take your vehicle when it needs to be serviced in the future.

• Gather recommendations and opinions from friends and family. This will help streamline the decision-making process.

• Check with the local consumer agencies to identify if the repair shop in question has any unresolved disputes.

• Find out if the shop employs ASE certified automotive technicians that are experienced working on the type of car you own.

• Perhaps the simplest way to choose a good repair shop is to select an AAA Approved Auto Repair facility. These shops undergo an extensive investigation program before being allowed to enter the program and AAA is confident that they will provide competent and professional repairs.

• Communicate your vehicle's symptoms by effectively using simple, everyday language or demonstrating the problem during a test drive with the technician.

• For a list of 7,800 Approved Auto Repair shops, visit