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A Teahouse and a Penthouse

Coffee and tea


We nerded out on coffee in this week's food feature, but we also saved some space for another popular caffeinated beverage: tea. Leaf Teahouse, a new tea shop and vegan cafe, has taken over the space that formerly housed The Press at 212 N. Ninth St.

"It's what we would call a contemporary teahouse--nothing that your grandmother would go to, not high tea with your pinkie up kind of thing," explained owner Susan Judge. "Although, we might do that in the fall for fun--have some special tea parties."

Judge took over The Press' assets and is in the process of selling off any equipment she doesn't need and revamping the small space. The teahouse will offer about 60 loose leaf teas from across the globe, along with a pre-made iced tea and hot tea of the day. The spot will also sell specialty drinks--like matcha lattes, tea frappes and tea cocoas--along with a smattering of vegan salads and snacks. Think garbanzo crackers with a Moroccan mint tea or steamed buns with an Asian tea.

"We'll have snacks that reflect all the different cultures that have tea as a part of their culture," said Judge. "We'll have British snacks, we'll have Asian snacks, we'll have things from the Middle East and Russia."

Leaf Teahouse opens mid-June, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. weekdays and "a little bit later" on Friday and Saturday nights for live music.

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In other downtown switch-up news, caterer and florist Christopher Zahn, owner of Zee Christopher, has taken over the former Darla's Deli space in the C.W. Moore Plaza penthouse. Renamed Zee's Rooftop Cafe, the spot now slings food from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

"In the morning, we just do some basic breakfast foods, burritos and stuff made from scratch, and then for lunch, we offer salads, paninis, sandwiches and soups, all made fresh daily," Zahn said.

Popular items include the Village Sandwich, with bacon, egg and cheese on Zeppole's Village Loaf, and The Bird with Bacon, a turkey and bacon sandwich with avocado schmear on sourdough.

"We buy almost all of our produce from the new Boise [Farmers] Market," said Zahn. "Everything's fresh every day--all of our bread is Zeppole, all of our coffee is Dawson Taylor. As the summer goes along, we'll use seven different farms for our produce."

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