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A Streetcar Named Desire


Southern belle Blanche DuBois desperately tries to hold it together upon arriving at her sister Stella's house in New Orleans. She claims that the wild dealings of family members caused her to lose her plantation and her boss has given her some much-needed time off in order to recover. Delicate Southern belles shouldn't have to deal with such things, you know. Turns out, Blanche isn't all that delicate--or innocent. Throw an abusive brother-in-law into the mix, and you have maybe the most provocative drama of the 1940s.

Originally performed on Broadway, Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning play deals with societal issues that remain relevant to today's audiences, including alcoholism, physical and mental abuse, delusions of grandeur and the ability of the human psyche to exist in a state of denial, while still seeking happiness. Since its original production, the play has been revived on Broadway and adapted for opera and ballet productions, as well television and movies. Now Boise State Theater Arts students will take their turn bringing the unforgettable characters to life. Lina Chambers plays Blanche DeBois and Loren Jones is Stanley Kowalski in the production intended for mature audiences.