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A Seasonal Disguise


Sometimes we poke fun of band names. And we probably poked fun of A Seasonal Disguise at one point. But then we heard their music. After that, we shut up and listened.

We were hushed by their elaborate folk-pop--think horns, triangle, multi-part choruses, guitar, harmonica, accordion, woodwinds and more. The septet has a precious EP, Tickle Arms, out now. With just three songs on it, it's surprisingly big. Member/artist Julia Green also made sure it was beautifully packaged--orange screen-printed arms wave across the front and the paper sleeve is sealed with wax. The EP is a prelude to the LP, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada (trying ... not ... to ... poke ... fun) but as is, it could serve as the soundtrack to the next Wes Anderson film or anything starring Zach Galifianakis. Now there's a name to make fun of.

A Seasonal Disguise join Jumping Sharks and The Universal for the Holiday Hoedown. Proceeds benefit for the Idaho School of Art and Craft.