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A Seasonal Disguise

Saturday, March 3, VAC


The multi-talented indie folk number A Seasonal Disguise has grown--morphing into a soulful, rock 'n' roll inspired orchestra. What started out as a solo project by Z.V. House has blossomed into a seven-member group, comprised of House on vocals, Nik Walton on cello, Karen Jarboe Singletary on clarinet, Julia Green providing backup vocals, Josh Shapel on bass, Annie Berical on drums and Aaron Sup on keys. While each member occupies his/her own sonic niche, many dabble with percussion, accordion and harmonicas depending on the track. The result is a refreshing blend of indie rock that can channel both Neil Young and more traditional folk ditties in the same breath.

A Seasonal Disguise's latest release, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada, will debut March 3 with a release party at Visual Arts Collective.