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A Reason To Get up early


A Reason To Get up early

... because you might notice that someone stole your brand-new Saturn sedan in time for you to do something about it.

A Middleton woman spotted her empty driveway and notified police at around 6-freaking-a.m., according to the Canyon County Sheriff's Office. She also called OnStar, the onboard computer guidance system in her car, from which she learned her car's exact GPS location--info that the sheriffs found quite helpful.

"It's something we haven't really used in the past," Lt. Marv Dashiell told BW.

According to a story in the Idaho Press Tribune, officers had been pursuing the man since around 2 a.m., when swam across a canal in order to lose the cops after a car chase. After learning the Saturn's whereabouts, the Gem County Sheriff's Department picked up the scent, promptly chasing the suspect back into Ada County on Highway 16. The suspect continued to drive at speeds up to 90 mph, even after shredding his--or his victim's--tires on strips set out by officers on the highway. Finally, with the morning traffic rush under way, an Idaho State Police officer ran the car off the road and Joey Lopez Hernandez, 27, of Nampa was arrested for robbery, eluding, possession and driving with a suspended license.