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A Payette Brewing Release Party for OKC Bombing Mystery Novel

Payette Brewing Company, Tuesday, Sept. 10


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A bevy of conspiracy theories and unanswered questions have long surrounded the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. In his debut novel, A Leg In Oklahoma City, Boise author Greg Hoetker offers some answers while also examining bigger questions about love, death, trauma and closure. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, Payette Brewing Company will host a release party for the novel.

"So many good stories begin with a 'What if,'" Hoetker said. "This is what I tried to do with mine."

The novel centers on a grisly detail from the bombing. A leg was discovered and consequently attributed to the wrong person. Authorities were puzzled by the extra member, known as P-71, and the owner of the limb was never found. Hoetker's novel examines these discrepancies, but it's more than a hard crime story. "The Oklahoma City bombing and aftermath provided a vessel for me to examine my own personal responses to love, death and pain, and what some portray as the myth of closure," he said.

Hoetker said he hopes that attention to the novel could offer some closure to the people of Oklahoma City, or, he said, "maybe, [the novel] moves us closer to the answer."

There will be copies of his book available at the all-ages release party for $20, cash only.