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A Note from the Editor

Welcome to the 2013 Restaurant and Bar Guide


In the past few years, a new word has been added to our lexicon: foodie. Yes, the quest for great food has become so serious that its most ardent devotees have their own appellation.

But you don't have to consider yourself a true foodie, or even a locavore, to appreciate good food—just like you don't have to understand the finer points of making the perfect martini to enjoy a drink now and again. That's why Boise Weekly proudly presents the 2013 edition of its Restaurant and Bar Guide.

The restaurant and bar scene in the Treasure Valley can be a complicated thing to follow. With businesses opening, closing, moving, changing names or owners, it's hard to keep track of what's going on out there.

That's why Boise Weekly has done the hard work for you. We're sharing some of our favorite eateries and watering holes to help you find the perfect place—or places—to satisfy whatever you're craving.

Boise's restaurant and bar scene has gone through so many changes in the past year that we've decided to make some changes in our approach to this guide—namely, we've gotten more selective.

This is by no means an encyclopedia of restaurants and bars in the Treasure Valley. Instead we've drawn on our knowledge of the local food and drink scene to offer a selection of some of our favorite places to visit; from the holes-in-the-wall that keep generations of patrons coming back, to the places where the cuisine is imaginative and cutting edge.

Staying true to Boise Weekly's longstanding tradition of celebrating what makes this area unique by focusing only on locally owned and operated businesses, you won't find any chains or franchises here. While we appreciate the impact and offerings of chains, we like keeping it close to home and each establishment profiled here meets our criteria.

Readers can always find more complete listings at our website,, where information is updated regularly—just the thing for our ever-changing food scene.Readers may also notice that we've organized things a bit differently. This time around we've categorized restaurants by the type of food each serves, making finding the perfect place to satiate that sudden craving all the easier.

Hopefully this guide will inspire many memorable occasions.

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