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A Note from the Editor

Welcome to the Boise Weekly Restaurant Guide


We never get tired of talking about food at Boise Weekly. Nor do we tire of seeking out the best chefs, restaurant views, cocktails, lamb shanks, wine lists, bread puddings and burgers. We've exchanged heated words over the best bread dipping sauce and conducted thorough tiramisu taste-offs in the name of science. We can't help it, we love food more than your average eater.

And that's what makes the first-ever Boise Weekly Restaurant Guide the most discerning guide to destination food in the state.

We sent a search party into the far reaches of the state to seek out food done well in the little nooks and crannies where you might never think to look for it. Roll this thing up and put it in your glove box just in time for summer trekking. During the quiet stretches on the highway, read through "The Food Cycle," where you can discover local restaurants that have teamed up with local producers to put together a menu featuring the best of what Idaho has to offer year round. Or, turn to page 50, where a handful of Idaho chefs take a stab at defining Idaho cuisine in "Beyond the Potato." We've also included a roundup of breweries and wineries just in case all that reading and wanderlust works up a healthy thirst.

Once you've reached your destination, consult our dining listings, featuring local favorites in some of the state's smallest, most out-of-the-way and most popular destinations.

Don't see your favorite restaurant listed? Drop us a line and we'll add it to next year's list. If you're a restaurateur who's doing something we need to know about, send us an e-mail at