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Week in Review: A MASSV Week in Boise Arts

The Week in Review


Despite the omnipresent heat, this week brought live music lovers to their feet. Alive After Five kicked things off in sweltering, ass-shaking style with a performance by throwback funk/soulsters Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears on July 11.

According to Boise Weekly intern Tabitha Bower: "Between taking swigs of his Dos Equis and showcasing his vocal talents, a sweetly dirty mixture of grit and soul, Lewis showed off his skills by playing his electric guitar with his teeth."

But the band wasn't done having its way with Idaho audiences. On July 13, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears poured its sticky sweet jams on the crowd gathered for the inaugural MASSV music and art festival-slash-carnival in Ketchum.

According to BW Staff Writer Andrew Crisp: "When the electric Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears took the stage, the area in front of the stage became clogged with people, which only grew more chaotic when Adventure Club, the first real electro act of the night, took the stage."

The dance party continued into the night, with a set by festival investor Doc Rock/DJ Alien, who donned a metallic suit that shot lasers from his fingers and an elaborate alien get-up.

The second day of the festival got off to a much slower start, as revelers nursed hangovers and avoided the sheets of rain soaking the city. Despite low attendance for Boise bands Shades and Atomic Mama, and an early end to Finn Riggins' set to funnel water to the ground from the tarpaulin roof, the party continued with headliners Ghostland Observatory.

"The crowd quickly rushed back to the main stage, finally cleared of its water issues," wrote Crisp. "There, Thomas Ross Turner, draped in the Lone Star flag as a shroud, dropped the band's electro blend of funk and rock while singer Aaron Behrens caterwauled about the stage."

Back in a much drier Boise, Bower hit up Opera Idaho's production of Oklahoma July 13 at Idaho Botanical Garden.

"The cast, all Boise locals, filled the garden with their big voices, backed by a 14-piece orchestra," wrote Bower. "The audience sprawled out in fold-up chairs and blankets, passing around bottles of wine, laughing in harmony with the cast and singing along to the much-beloved lyrics."

And speaking of wine, Red Room hosted a much less family friendly event July 16: the second season premiere of The Evil Wine Show, a locally produced sketch comedy and talk show with hosts Wes Malvini and Dustin Jones.

"For this episode, the theme was sex. Comedy sketches featured a fashion show that ended with the hosts going to a playground called Pedophiles, and a fantastic satire of a '50s educational film, in which Malvini and Jones poke and prod two named people with pool cues as a bone dry voiceover explains the various functions of the body without a shred of accuracy," noted BW's Josh Gross.

New episodes of The Evil Wine Show screen Mondays at Red Room. For more info, visit